Untold Bible Stories For Kids

Untold Bible Stories For Kids

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We all know the classic Bible stories like David and Goliath, Adam and Eve, and Noah and the flood.  What about those stories in the Bible that are not so common?  Stories about God telling one of his prophets to cook his food over poop.  Or the story about a talking donkey?  Or the story about the time a man chose to wrestle with God.  Untold Bible Stories For Kids tells the stories that are not often found in kid Bibles.  But these stories are guaranteed to have you and your kids laughing and asking "is that really in the Bible!"  

Untold Bible Stories contains 10 of the funniest and strangest stories found in the Bible,

There is an extra bonus! After purchasing the book head over to www.momsetsthetable.com to download and print out a devotional to go along with each story! 


The Story Behind the Book:

I got pregnant with my second daughter in December of 2017.  During the beginning of the pregnancy I was still struggling with some postpartum depression from my previous miscarriages.  During this time I was really struggling reading my Bible. I would open it up and physically could not read the pages because my eyes were too foggy from crying.  During this time I had my first daughter who was a year and a half. She loves to read. I made a promise to myself that no matter how I was feeling or what I was dealing with that particular day I was going to continue to read my daughters Bible stories to her.  When I did this I noticed two things happened. 1) God started speaking to me through my toddlers Bible stories. The book would say something simple “God loves you little bear” and I would start crying...crying because it was so simple but it's what I needed to hear.  I wasn't concerned about the hebrew or greek meaning or the context of the words I just needed to hear that God loved me. 2) I started to memorize the books. Any one who has ever had a toddler knows once they find a favorite book they want you to read it 1000 times over.  


It was also during this time I was starting to develop my own business.  I wasn't sure what it was going to look like but I knew I wanted to encourage, inspire, and empower moms.  I was reading my daughters Bible stories for the 1001 time and an idea came to mind. I thought “isn't it strange that these stories are written for kids but it's mostly moms who are actually reading them.”  Then I thought about how my daughters stories had made an impact on me and the idea of writing children's books that were fun and entertaining for kids but also encouraging to the moms reading them came to mind.  


How did I come up with “Untold Bible Stories For Kids?”


I was flipping through my Bible, still having a hard time reading when I came across a story in the Old Testament about Ezekiel.  God had told Ezekiel to lay on his side and cook his food using poop for over a year. I laughed out loud. How have I never heard this story.  I also realized it was the first time I had a good belly laugh in a long time. Through this simple gross story God had restored my joy. Just how I love the sound of my daughters laughing I believe God enjoys to hear us laugh.  I started to look for more stories that made me laugh. It turns out there is a lot of strange stories in the Bible. I picked out my favorite 10 and that's when “Untold Bible Stories For Kids” came to be.


My prayer is first that your children will enjoy and engage in this book asking “is that really in the Bible?”  Secondly, I pray that you will get joy from reading this story. Through the stresses of everyday responsibilities I pray that God gives you joy and more reasons to laugh.